Wednesday, February 24, 2010

John Juan's Spicy Carrots

Our dear friends recently started making and selling spicy carrots. It's a labor of love that requires them to spend half their Saturdays peeling and chopping carrots. Their dedication shows because these are the best, most addictive spicy carrots I have tasted anywhere, and that's saying something when you live 30 miles from the border. We gifted them to neighbors and Snook's teachers over the holidays, and the reaction was unanimous: "Those were THE BEST spicy carrots," and "Where can I get more?" Farmers' markets have come calling, a website is in the works, and shipping details are being finalized. But if you want a container (or better yet a case) of these babies right away, you can let me know and they are yours.I forgot and snapped this picture after we'd already dug in, but the container arrives brimming with spicy goodness. And there's even a funny tag line on every label. The one above says, "Hot in the Mouth. Easy on the South." The holiday label said, "Frosty Can't Stand the Heat. Can You?" Delicious and funny. You gotta try them.

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