Saturday, January 31, 2009

They Were Very Bad

Casa Batllo

Casa Batllo is my favorite building in Barcelona. Make that Europe. Who knew you could turn a watercolor painting into an edifice? If I could plan my wedding again, maybe this would have to be the venue. I fell in love with this place my junior year in college when I spent a semester abroad in Barcelona. The night before my return to the States, I had to run back to Paseo de Gracia and look at it one more time. It was all lit up when I arrived, but then, just as I was about to leave, it went dark. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Strap Happy

I about hyperventilated when I saw these gold strappy peeptoes over at one of my new favorite fashion blogs this morning. They would look so fabulous strapped on with just about any sundress, on those days when a flip-flop just won't quite cut it. Haven't taken the plunge yet, but I'm seriously, deliriously thinking about it.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sugar and Spice

It dawned on me today that my baby girl, my firstborn, my Snook, is only going to be two-years-old for one more month. There's already very little baby left in that girl, but when she turns three, well that just feels like it will be the official end of her babyhood. Boo hoo hoo! I never thought I would miss this age (there have been a few, ahem, challenges), but if this were a traditional paper diary, there would be teardrop splotches all over it.

Well, I'm sure I will be going on and on about Snook in the days leading up to (and following) her third birthday, and all of her birthdays to come. But today, I wanted to post this picture of her.

It was taken by my forever girlfriend, Tina, at the Fairy Day we went to with our girls at Quail Botanical Gardens last July. Snook was almost 2 1/2. Not quite in preschool yet. Still fairly new to the whole big sister thing. I think it captures her in all of her both tender and terrible twoness. My mischievous little fairy (as Tina put it). Boo hoo hoo! Oh hush. It's my blog, and I can cry if I want to.

Don't Forget the Toner

So the Bullseye Beauty regimen is still working well for me over a month in. Better than this or this ever did, let me tell you. No obvious new wrinkles or disfiguring blemishes to report. But just in case I sparked legions of followers (as if), I wanted to clarify that there's one more product that must be added to the mix in order to achieve optimum, complexion-enhancing results.

And that is Neutrogena's Alcohol-Free Toner. This stuff is so great (and so inexpensive), I would definitely recommend purchasing it in bulk. Your significant other can use it too, if you're feeling generous. It works on all skin types, never stings or overdries, and gives your skin that clean, polished, refreshed feeling that washing, seruming and moisturizing alone cannot quite seem to deliver. Now if I could only account for all of the money I've been saving on skincare products lately, then I would really feel squeaky clean. Oh well. You're not interesting if you're not a little dirty.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Really Rosie Rocks

No childhood would be complete without the old-school nursery rhymes. Your "Mary Had a Little Lamb." Your "Baa Baa Black Sheep." And then there are the more modern classics. Your "Itsy Bitsy Spider." Your "Old MacDonald Had a Farm." But there comes a time as a parent when if you have to hear or sing any one of these songs one more time, you may just lose it for real. That's why I am so grateful to my sister-in-law for gifting a "Really Rosie" CD to Snook back a couple of Christmases ago.Maurice Sendak's lyrics are so clever and chock-full of vocabulary-expanding words for your little one. And Carole King's musical compositions are masterful. The whole thing is a feast for the ears that I can truly say, after two years, never gets old.

This "ABC" alternative called "Alligators All Around" is one of my favorites. While you're on the site, do yourself a favor and listen to "Chicken Soup With Rice" too. It's especially good during this yucky flu season.

And as long as you're in the market for nontraditional children's music, you may as well throw this oldie but goodie, "Free to Be You and Me," into your shopping cart too, if you don't already own it. My favorite track is "Boy Meets Girl," but there are a few other numbers on there that are also great for some gender-stereotype-busting laughs. And for a rocking good time with your kiddos. I am definitely open to more suggestions . . .

Virtual Pampering

Need an escape? Can't make it to the spa this morning (or any morning any time soon)? The following landed in my in-box from Lulu's by Travis Parker a few minutes ago, and I found that by just gazing at the pretty picture and reading the description, I was transported to a simpler, more relaxing, more me-centric time of days gone by.

"Lovely Lavender Rose
The soothing, hydrating benefits of lavender and rose can comfort even the most weary feet. This decadent pedicure was designed with escape in mind, and the aromatic properties are almost as wonderful as the experience itself. We begin by bathing feet in oil-enriched rose petal soak, followed by grooming and callus care. A vitamin E lavender sugar scrub prepares feet and legs for the benefits of being enveloped by warm, healing paraffin. Using a moisture rich rose crème, legs and feet are pampered with our signature massage. Toes are then polished to perfection.
Be light. Be warm.
Be Lovely."

Aaaah! Wasn't that divine? I'm sure the real thing is more effective, but if you're like me and don't see that happening any time soon (not without moving heaven and earth anyway), reading this is hopefully a pretty close second. And now, on that rosy note, my day can begin!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Lion Cut

Twice a year I take my now 11-year-old cat, Charlie, into The Golden Paw to get groomed. Since we go so rarely, when we do go, we go all out. Meaning he doesn't just get the standard shampoo, clip and nail-trim. He gets the "lion cut." This is where the groomer shaves the cat's fur down to the skin everywhere except around the head, feet and tip of the tail so that the cat ends up resembling, what else, a lion.

See. ROAR! Watch out daddy long-legs.

I love doing this for my cat because he's a Maine coon (a long-haired breed), and an outside kitty whose care takes a way-far-back-of-the-bus seat to my two kids. The result being his long hair gets kind of matted and tangled, and there might be the occasional hair ball. The lion cut allows him to grow out a whole new coat of fur every six months making up for my, um, neglect.

According to this article I found, there are some people who think anyone who subjects their cat to the lion cut should be subjected to the wrath of PETA. My neighbors just think he looks kind of creepy. But I think he looks pretty spiffy. So does he. After his lion cut, Charlie struts around doing his alley cat impression, becomes more affectionate, and is just a whole lot happier cat. Did I mention he also gets a blueberry facial? I am a very guilty cat-owner.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Double Take (No. 3)

Few baby rites of passage make for cuter pictures than . . . Tummy Time!

Snook, May 2006

Bubs, June 2008

I think tummy time al fresco is even cuter.

Do You Know Your Metabolic Type?

May seem like an obvious question to some. But as of this moment, I have no idea what mine is. That's why I ordered this book yesterday at the suggestion of a coworker, who by the way, is responsible for singlehandedly turning my workplace into the Land of the Incredibly Shrinking Employees. Seriously, I've been walking down the halls lately wondering when exactly fitness became contagious. Now I know.

This lawyer in my office (I'll call her "Cathy") moonlights as a nutritional counselor. She's been using her expertise to help some of my coworkers figure out their metabolic types and to counsel and support them as they adjusted their diets accordingly. I don't normally (never) buy into stuff like this, but the results are plain to see. Pant sizes are dropping around my work at an alarming rate. And as if I needed more motivation, Cathy told me that after she figured out her metabolic type and changed her diet (she happens to be an extreme protein), her PMS symptoms went away practically overnight, she reached her goal weight for her wedding, and she began feeling all around healthier and more energetic. She also told me that once you start eating the foods that are right for you, your body violently rejects the foods that are wrong for you, thereby ending all unhealthy cravings.

Cathy offers one-on-one counseling services (I have her brochure if you're interested), but she told me Dr. Wolcott's book is a great starting-off point. Here's the synopsis I found on Google:

"For hereditary reasons, your metabolism is unique. Cutting-edge research shows that no single diet works well for everyone–the very same foods that keep your best friend slim may keep you overweight and feeling unhealthy and fatigued. Now, William Wolcott, a pioneer in the field of metabolic research, has developed a revolutionary weight-loss program that allows you to identify your "metabolic type" and create a diet that suits your individual nutritional needs.

In The Metabolic Typing Diet, Wolcott and acclaimed science writer Trish Fahey provide simple self-tests that you can use to discover your own metabolic type and determine what kind of diet will work best for you. It might be a low-fat, high carbohydrate diet filled with pasta and grains, or a high-fat, high-protein diet focused on meat and seafood, or anything in between. By detailing exactly which foods and food combinations are right for you, The Metabolic Typing Diet at last reveals the secret to shedding unwanted pounds and achieving optimum vitality with lasting results.

The Metabolic Typing Diet will enable you to:
Achieve and maintain your ideal weight
Eliminate sugar cravings
Enjoy sustained energy and endurance
Conquer indigestion, fatigue, and allergies
Bolster your immune system
Overcome anxiety, depression, and mood swings"

For $11 and change, I am sold!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I try to keep it light and frothy around here.

But it's a big day.

Bait and Switch

A Victoria's Secret catalogue landed in our mailbox the other day (like one does almost every day). Looks like there's a new Vintage (oxymoron?) collection. Well, I was immediately given the green light to go out and purchase . . .

this. Normally, The H gives you his blessing to go shopping (not that I wait for that, mind you) and you go. But this time, I don't know . . . I'm all for keeping it spicy and rocking a new nightie every now and then. But the above just looks, what's the word, uncomfortable. So you'll forgive me if I take the money and run. Probably to the kiddie shoe store. Snook needs new sneakers.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


If you can ignore the "found porn" aspect of the above photo, what you'll see is the sign for The Sausage King, a hole-in-the-wall German deli in Mission Hills that made a liverwurst lover out of me. I can't stomach liver, so you tack a "wurst" onto that, and it only gets worse. Or so I thought. But then the nice, elderly lady behind the counter talked me into a sample (I think when we were picking up our Easter ham last year), and now a half pound of that stuff makes it into my fridge on an almost bi-weekly basis. I scoop it by the cracker-full or turn it into a sandwich with mustard on rye. Addictive, I tell you.

There it is in the middle of the above case, wrapped in red casing. Now, I don't think it's safe to go for just any liverwurst. The King's is special in that it's housemade (along with the sausage) and comes in both coarse and fine versions (the "fine" making for pretty darn good baby food). It also adds to the charm and I think the flavor of their 'wurst in that when you walk into the King, you feel like you're walking right off the cobblestone streets of Heidelberg. Even the cash register is imported. So authentic. So good. So glad I'll try anything once.

I'm in D.R. Heaven

I have to thank Jora for all the love she's been giving me over at the exalted Domestic Reflections these days. First, she very sweetly and generously plugged newbie Snook 'n' Bubs in this post.

Then yesterday, I was tickled to see the recap and kiddie action shots from our recent playdate together in this post. I completely concur with everything she said. What a great time it was. C-Man and Baby J (and their mama) sure know how to throw a playdate. Complete with homemade blueberry muffins, coffee table dance party, story time, a chicken encounter . . . The most fun! We're definitely looking forward to more. And if there have to be the occasional follow-up posts and photo spreads, well that's just the icing on the cake!

Sweet Somethings (No. 3)

Snook has been trying really hard to teach Bubs how to talk lately. Last night's lesson went something like this:

S: (reading Beauty and the Beast for the umpteenth time) Look [Bubs]! It's Belle. Can you say Belle? Belle? Belle?
B: Do Do
S: Nooo, her name's not Do Do. It's Belle. Belle. Belle.
B: Doo Doo
S: Nooo, she's not Doo Doo. She's Belle. Belle. Belle.
B: Da Da
S: Good [Bubs]! That's Dada over there. But this is Belle. Belle. Belle.

He never did say "Belle." But with more concentrated, one-on-one tutorials like these, I gotta think that's going to be his next word. Either that or "wicked stepmother."

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hooray for Fro Yo

Is everyone else enjoying the recent proliferation of frozen yogurt shops as much as I am? I remember there was a time way back when that you couldn't pass a strip mall without seeing a Heidi's Frogen Yozurt (my personal favorite), a Penguin's, or a little mom and pop yogurt shop. Then, there was a backlash against "fake" desserts, and just like that, they all disappeared.

Well they're back, with a vengeance. I think I can walk from my house to no fewer than five or six of them, including my new personal favorite, Pinkberry, which I believe is in large part responsible for the resurgence in popularity. You're all familiar by now with the buzz and the controversy that have swirled around this particular little swirl shop. I don't care about all that. I just care that it's close by, really yummy, and is the perfect place for my good friend, Amy, and I to stop and get our girls a frozen treat before walking back to my house after a hot playdate at the park. Whenever they gripe about leaving the jungle gym, we say, "Fro yo?" and they say, "Hooray!" Works every time.

Here Snook is with her friend (since birth), Ellie, about a week ago enjoying originals with chocolate chips. Happy, no? Yummy, yes!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Shady Lady

Have you tried smoothing on Melaleuca's Sun Shades lip balm yet? I hadn't even heard of it until a few yummy flavors generously appeared in my Christmas stocking. And now, this lady's lips and Sun Shades will never be apart again.

The credentials? Well, it's made by a very ecofriendly company. And getting back to the balm itself, it combines jojoba, beeswax, vitamin E, and cocoa butter to forever rid your lips of dryness, cracking, and peeling. It also contains the patented Melaleuca oil which, as I understand it, is responsible for penetrating and soothing your lips. The balm also comes in ten or so luscious flavors. And lastly, there's the requisite SPF 15 sun protection. The result being your lips smell and taste delicious, feel great, and won't get sunburned. I'm wearing Vanilla Bean nightly, but Pina Colada is also out of this world, as is Harvest Berry.

Another plus? If enough of us ladies start using this stuff, we could buy matching "Shady Lady" jackets and start hazing girls who still use Chapstick. Can you tell I've always wanted to be in a 50's girl gang?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

He's Got a Trike to Ride

My one and only little boy is about to turn the big one-year-old. So we thought he deserved one really cool present. Presenting the Classic Flyer by Kettler First Trike. It's wooden, handmade in Germany, and, get this, ergonomically correct. Glad someone is keeping that consideration in mind for the toddler set. Bubs is going to hop on this thing and never turn back. No, he's still my baby. He'll turn back to make sure I'm still there, and give me that smile that melts me to my core. Then he'll go, go, go. And I'll have to run, run, run. Fun, fun, fun! For me and my boy who's almost one!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Holiday Card Conundrum

The beautiful holiday cards we received this past year are still on display in our house. But it's getting to be time to take them down, leaving me with the same dilemma everyone else has about what to do with all of them. I have cards from the last couple of years stuffed in a folder, but that hardly seems like the best way to go.

I talked about this with my sister-in-law not that long ago, and she gave me a really good suggestion, which I thought could be useful to other people as well. She had heard of the idea to make a collage of the photo cards on scrapbook pages, and then to insert those pages into a special "holiday card" album specially dedicated to that purpose. If you added to this album every year, it would make for a really nice way to keep up with people as their children and families continue to grow.

She also sent me the link to the above site, which has some other really good ideas for what to do with the non-photo cards, most of which look very doable, even if you're like me, and not super crafty. I think I'm partial to the mobile, the napkin rings, or the Christmas letters. We'll see how it goes . . .

Double Take (No. 2)

You've got to take a picture of the first time your baby eats solid food. So here are Snook's and Bubs' rice cereal shots.

Snook, late August 2006

Bubs, June 2008

Bubs is younger than Snook in his rice cereal picture because I was desperately trying anything to get him to sleep through the night. Still am. But that's another story for another day.

And here they both are at around seven or eight months making their first forays into the vegetable food group.

Snook, sweet potatoes

Bubs, spinach

I wish I could say they are neater eaters these days.

Benefit of the Doubt

There's a new bulletin board up in Snooks' preschool classroom entitled "ARTIC ZONE." You read that right. "ARTIC ZONE" (except without the quotation marks). Now there is no question that "Artic" is misspelled. The question that's been bugging me for about a week, since no correction has been made, is whether that is an inadvertent misspelling or whether it is a punny, poetic licensy, intentional kind of misspelling. Because the bulletin board is displaying the children's drawings of polar bears, penguins and walruses. In other words, their art. Get it.

I really want to give Snooks' teachers the benefit of the doubt on this one. Maybe I should just ask one of them. Best case, they'd be happy I appreciated their play on words. Worst case, though, they'd be annoyed by my nitpickiness. Nope, I love them too much, I can't risk being thought of as THAT parent, and I honestly believe it is intentional (and pretty clever). Yep, I'm going with the benefit of the doubt.

P.S. Please ignore any misspellings and/or made-up words in this post (and in this entire blog for that matter).

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sweet Somethings (No. 2)

My friend, Marcy, brought up a good point in her comment to my first post in this series. There was an eyebrow-raising Snookism last week that deserves mention here. But first, by way of background, Marcy's and my friendship goes back to early high school. Now we're lucky enough to still live in the same town and to have firstborns who are nine months apart and secondborns who are only two weeks apart. We also have very similar part-time work schedules. Needless to say, Marcy and I are in playdate heaven.

So last week, I was getting myself and the kids ready to go meet Marcy and her boys for one of our many Legoland playdates. Here's what transpired between me and my girl:

M: Time to get dressed.
S: First, I need my panties.
M: OK, go ahead and pick out a pair.
S: Hmmm, I think Ian likes these ones.
M: (hand to mouth, face contorting, trying not to laugh) Oh, he does, does he?
S: (not missing my reaction or the chance to ham it up) No, I think he likes these.
M: (seeing that this could go on forever) OK, just pick out a pair because Ian is waiting for us.
S: (yelling in the direction of her bedroom window) Hold on Ian! We're coming! I just need to put on my panties!

Am I in trouble or what?

Above and Beyond

#1 went above and beyond the husband call of duty last night, let me tell you. Not only did he stay home with the kids while I went out for a delightful Supper Club/Golden Globes gathering at foodie friend Alice's lovely home, he prepared the dish that gained me admission into said gathering.

Steamed mussels with sausages and fennel. It tasted even better than it looked. And it went perfectly with the other attendees' scrumptious offerings. Those supper club ladies, minus myself (a.k.a. The Impostor), sure know how to cook.

And the dishing didn't stop with the food. Seriously, move over Fashion Police. Our group left no hairstyle unfluffed, no gown unripped, no spray tan unscorched. Brutal, just brutal. But, of course, such good, girly fun.

Was #1 upset about me taking his food and running last night? Not if tonight's supper was any indication. He used the leftover mussels and fennel from last night's dish to make this yummy cioppino for our grown-up dinner. Above and beyond. Above and beyond.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Spruce Street Bridge

This beautiful suspension bridge is located up the street a little ways from our house. It connects our side of Arroyo Canyon to the other side, which holds all of the riches of Hillcrest and Bankers Hill. I've walked our dog across it countless times, crossed it with each of my babies strapped to me, and pushed a double stroller across it just yesterday on our way to the park. I will say that anyone with a fear of heights probably need not apply. It's old, creaky, wiggly, really high up, and not equipped with the greatest of guard-rails. But if you can face that fear, like my brave friend Marcy did (she once ran across it in record time!), it is so worth it.

As much as I love the bridge though, it makes me a little nervous as a mom in terms of what the future may bring. Like any public space, there is an "element" to be mindful of. And let's just say the teens congregate there two-by-two as soon as dusk rolls around. Can't say I blame them. What I wouldn't have done to live near a semi-excluded, slightly death-defying, dizzily romantic place like that back in high school. But we'll cross that bridge (sorry) when we come to it. For now, it's a neighborhood gem that reminds me to appreciate nature and live in the moment more every time I cross it.

Friday, January 9, 2009

And So it Begins

I've heard from lots of parents that once your kid starts school, you can plan to be at a little kid's birthday party about every other weekend. I thought about this last Wednesday when I learned that Snook has become close buddies with another little girl in her preschool class. They hold hands, and when the other little girl's mommy comes to pick her up, they hug each other good bye. Awwww. Snook's teacher says you'll see this sort of thing start to develop right around springtime. So we're right on track. And sure enough, look what showed up in our mailbox yesterday.

Hmmm, I wonder what Snook and the birthday girl could possibly have in common. Oh well, I happen to LOVE cheese pizza and birthday cake. Hopefully, assuming the parents are cool, I can wash all that down with a cold one.

Sweet Somethings (No. 1)

Thought I'd start another ongoing series on this blog called "Sweet Somethings." It will mostly feature cute/eyebrow-raising/hilarious quotes that come out of Snook's almost-3-year-old mouth. Bubs may chime in sooner or later, but he's still just making funny noises these days, which are kind of hard to transcribe.

This inaugural installment was inspired by the following exchange that took place between Snook and me in the car yesterday:

S: (from the back seat) Mommy?
M: (driving) Yes.
S: I love [Bubs] more than apples.
M: Oh honey. That's so sweet. I think I'm going to cry.
S: Don't crash, Mommy.
M: I won't.
S: Mommy?
M: Yes.
S: I love him more than cake.

Now that's saying something.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

For Joseph is For Moi

I really like the newish boutique that moved into Sorella's old spot on Fir Street in Little Italy. It's called For Joseph, and it specializes in contemporary clothing that is chic, feminine, and totally wearable. By wearable I mean the French husband-and-wife designer duo behind For Joseph seems to have created a stylish line that actually takes into account real-life women's bodies. Bodacious booty? Check. Smallish chest? No problem. Hippy? They've got you covered too. I'd go so far as to say all of your body issues become body assets when you wear these clothes.

For instance, how is this for an LBD that is undeniably sexy, but skims the mid-section in such a way that lets you breathe AND eat a decent-sized meal?

And here we have a sweet, and again forgiving, dress that is very deserving of a spot in your post-holiday-binging spring wardrobe.

Speaking of spring, this lemony, yellow top has got pot-belly love written all over it.

And this expose would not be complete without a nod to their leathers, which are buttery, refined, dreamy, and great on most body types.

For Joseph's prices are right too, considering what you get and that much of their stuff can be dressed up or down (only deepening the love affair). Or you could swing into their storewide 75% off sale, like I did, and snatch up some real deals. Not sure if I can recommend the jewelry though. While quite cute and tempting, I bought a gold, double-chain necklace that broke the first day I wore it. Loving the quality of the clothes though. A great Little Italy addition indeed.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rome, Yes I Want To

Not the city, but yes, I want to do that again sometime too. I'm talking here about Jim Rome, the host of the well-known sports talk radio show, The Jim Rome Show, a.k.a. The Jungle. For the past couple of weeks, I've been listening to him on my way into work. Part of it is I really want to get his take on the Chargers' miraculous entry into the playoffs. (BTW, today he said L.T. probably isn't playing next week, and that's a problem. For Pittsburgh.)

The other part is I just can't get enough of this guy's witticisms. He's talking about LSU, Ohio State, Texas, blah, blah, blah, stuff I could care less about. I'm really not that much of a sports fan. But he could seriously be talking about styrofoam and I'd probably be hanging on his every word. So smart, so articulate, and just a really good voice. I'm a total sucker for voices. And check this out, I did a little internet research, and the looks almost match the voice!

And now for a funny story. As it happens, Rome isn't a total stranger to me. Back in high school, my brother, Josh, really wanted to weigh in with Rome on some issue concerning the Cubs. Something about their fans being "whiny little bitches," or some such thing. (I apologize to any Cubs fans. The view expressed in that last sentence is not my own. And it's about 20 years old.)

Anyway, seeing that it's a sports show, guys call in by the dozens. Not so with the ladies. So guess what. When a girl calls in, she's automatically bumped to the front of the line. As we discovered firsthand when Josh handed me a script, I adopted the pseudonym "Jessica," and about two minutes after dialing his number, I was on the air talking to Rome. He asked me more questions than I was prepared for, though, so I ended up having to, gulp, ad-lib. Not my forte. Especially when I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about. I went off script with some asinine comment about wanting to put all of the Cubs fans in a bus and drive it off a cliff. I distinctly remember Rome asking me in genuine surprise, "You want to drive all of the Cubs fans off of a cliff?" I froze as the violence of that act sunk in, and that's where I got cut off. Rome had taken all he could of scary, crazy Jessica. But I can't seem to get enough of him. His show. You know what I mean. Go Chargers!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Double Take (No. 1)

Tonight marks the beginning of a new series on this blog called "Double Take." This series will feature pictures of Snook and Bubs when they were about the same age doing about the same thing. It's crazy how many of the same poses I've taken of Bubs over the past year that I took of Snook during her first year, just by coincidence. As I was looking through them all, I thought it would be a fun idea to post some of the highlights, side by side.

To start things off, Snook and Bubs as newborns, in their carseats for the first time, just before heading home from the hospital.

Snook, March 2, 2006

Bubs, January 18, 2008

You can see much more attention was paid to Snook's "going-home" outfit than to Bubs'. That seems to be a running theme throughout. Sorry little guy! We can't all be firstborns!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Opposites Attract

Yes, compatibility is key to any good relationship. But there is also a great deal of wisdom behind that old adage "opposites attract," as I was reminded again last Friday night when #1 and I went to Anthology to celebrate the New Year (two nights after New Year's Eve proper because we are slightly fogeyish).

Onstage that particular night was Gene Perry's Noche de Rhumba Salsa Jazz Orchestra. To say I was in Latin jazz heaven is the understatement of the year (probably an overstatement since the year just started, but you get where I'm heading). I literally could have been on that dance floor from the first wail of the saxophone to the last beat of the drum. I LOVE that music, and I LOVE the intergenerational vibe that Latin music always seems to inspire. Where else, except maybe a wedding, do you see octogenarians shaking their moneymakers right next to the twenty-somethings? It's a beautiful thing that I first witnessed as a 20-year-old in Barcelona at the bars along Puerto Olimpico and never forgot.

Was #1 feeling it? Not. So. Much. He did take me for one spin on the dance floor, after much poking and prodding, but I told him that was like me taking him to a bacon bar and letting him have only one strip. Oh well, it's not like "salsa-dancer" was on my list of "must-have qualities for a mate." And we still had a great time, and a good laugh about this area where our interests diverge so dramatically. We also both like Paula Abdul, so there's that.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Works So Good

Just picked up this new (to me, anyway) hair and body wash for the kids the other day at Target, and I couldn't be more pleased. For starters, it's by Method, so that's the first step in the right, read green, direction. Then there's the fact that since using it, I've noticed Snook's hair combs out and detangles post-bath much easier than ever before without the use of any other products. I also love that the cap is large enough to double as a rinsing cup. Anything to reduce clutter in our communal bathtub. And now for the grand finale, it smells so divine I'm thinking about using it myself. Kind of a musky, vanilla scent. Yep, I'm so impressed, and my bumpkins smell so good (like they weren't already in danger of being snuggled to death), I just might have to try the whole collection.