Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Witchy Woman

Like most kids, my two definitely had their witching hours as babies. That no man's zone in between afternoon nap and dinner of inconsolable and inexplicable crankiness. Not fun. But oh man how the tables have turned. Nowadays between about 3:30 p.m. and 5:00 p.m., I can almost feel my skin take on a greenish tinge, my chin get a little pointier, and my voice sound a lot cacklier. Does this happen to anyone else, where all of a sudden the slightest utterance of the word "mommy" can start your skin a-crawling and make you wish you were anywhere else but here??? I think Snook is on to me and is slowly but surely starting to steer clear of me during my witching hour. Or kiss me, which kills me. Poor Bubs on the other hand still chooses to play with fire every now and then ("Go play!" "Mommy needs a break!" "You're still supposed to be napping!" "No, I don't want to play baseball!"). Luckily the mood passes, we all get through it, and we're off to see the wizard once again. But oh man do I feel sorry for my poor little munchkins. Fingers crossed this phase passes quickly and they forgive my wicked ways.

P.S. Isn't that still one of the scariest faces you've ever seen?

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Zumba's Gonna Get You

My new favorite thing to do on Thursday nights is --- Zumba! Have you tried it? From what I've gathered, you just dance your ass off to salsa, merengue, samba, hip hop, whatever your teacher has on his or her playlist really. And supposedly if you do it right, you can burn 1000 calories in an hour. Yep, I love Zumba. And what's more, Zumba loves me. The first week, the instructor asked me if I was a dancer. Awww! The second week, he asked me to lead the class in a combination. Stop! And the third week, another dancer asked me if I was Brazilian. Too, too kind! So you see why I'm hooked. It's good for the body AND the ego. Mostly I am so happy to have this release and to be dancing again in an environment where I don't look too (how do I put this nicely?) out of place. Now if only I had a zumba buddy . . .

Summer Lust List

A picture of these linen pants from Sanctuary popped into my inbox last night, and now they're on my list. That I just started. Such a welcome alternative to jeans, which are starting to sound very sweaty right now.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My New Happy Place

Last week, I needed to shop for a special gift for my mom (Happy Retirement, Mom!). So I decided to check out a newish boutique in town called Rosamariposa. While there, my heart did about twenty backflips because I found my mom a perfectly whimsical gift, AND I found some of the most unique and stylish jewelry I've seen in a while at seriously rock bottom prices. We're talking $5 earrings and $10 necklaces aplenty. For imported, all natural, and sustainable pieces that beg to be worn. When I asked the owner about her prices, she just said, "I like to keep things simple." That's my kind of simplicity. I let Snook have my camera to keep her occupied while I shopped. Here are some of her images, but I urge you to take a look at the website for a slightly less abstract take on why I'm so enamored. There are also cute shoes, bags, tunics, scarves and hats, sans the sticker shock you'll experience at most boutiques. It really is a very happy place that I pretty much am looking for any excuse to go back to.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Search is Over

The kids and I have had to kiss a lot of toads when it comes to library story times (sleepy retirees, burnt-out librarians, frustrated drama types), but we have finally, thankfully found our story-time queen. Her name is Ellenjoy (if you can believe that), she's been a children's librarian for over 30 years, and she holds court every Tuesday and Friday mornings over the bridge at the gorgeous Coronado Library. We haven't been back to another library or story time since discovering this one. There are Snook and Bubs sitting right up front.In addition to bringing three or four children's stories to life (it would be hard to exaggerate how animated she is), Ellenjoy incorporates dancing, musical instruments, songs, puppets, you name it. So great.And we always seem to find familiar faces in the crowd. This past Tuesday we hung out in the Children's Library with friends after story time for FOUR HOURS! Snook even got to help change out the springtime decorations in the big display case. Next time we go there, the scene will be Bears at the Beach. I'm sure it will be adorable, and keep us coming back for more.

It's a Girl (and a Boy) Thing

So now that I'm home with my kids all. the. time. it's impossible to find time to do those girly errands that I used to always knock out on my lunch hour. You know the ones. Where nails are concerned, I've just said, "F#$! it," and taken to dragging them along. In order to keep the peace, I of course had to let my girl in on the act and now, surprise, surprise, at the tender age of four she is already a little pedicurista. Which kills me since I think I got my first one at age 23 or something crazy like that.You can see she's way more adventurous than I am.And whose red toes are those??? I know, I know, but he hates to be left out, and he copies everything his big sister does, and all the ladies think it's so cute, and I only let him get a couple done, and I try to remember to remove the polish as soon as we get home. Good thing I've given up waxing. Well, good and bad. Ugh.

Friday, June 4, 2010

In Seven Months or So . . .

. . . we'll be enjoying four varieties of vine-ripened tomatoes grown in our very own mini-garden bed. Assuming all goes well.But for now, we're still admiring the last of May's wildflowers growing in our lush backyard canyon, courtesy of February, March and April's many, many showers. Not kidding, by San Diego standards, we were seriously wet and wild for a while back there. Glad there's something beautiful to show for it.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Balls and Strikes

In case you hadn't heard, the San Diego Padres are HOT right now. No, seriously. Our spring was super busy, but we finally made it down to the ballpark last night, Memorial Day, the unofficial first day of summer. What could be better, right?Well, unfortunately, our experience was a bit of mixed bag. Here's what I mean:

Snook walked into a glass wall and bumped her head, BUT . . . to make her feel better, the nice usher gave her a baseball card and some tattoos that she'd been angling for since her arrival!

We didn't have time to grab a bite beforehand, BUT . . . we discovered the new, somewhat healthy $5 Kids Meal!

Bubs got an upset tummy and threw up in our row, BUT . . . they let us move a little ways down to field level while the janitor cleaned up, and then let us stay there for the rest of the game!

The Padres hit into some disappointing double plays, BUT . . . Jimmy Hairston Jr. hit a grand slam!

We had to leave all the excitement a little early (kids and all), BUT . . . one of those pretty, twinkly-lighted, Cinderella-style, horse-drawn carriages was riding by just as we exited!

The Mets got 6 runs, BUT . . . the Padres got 18 runs!

It ended up all being worth it just to witness such a romp. And I think it was the first time the kids really got into the game. Go Padres!

Pizza Pizza

Leftover Giovanni's pizza, baby shrimp, spinach, mushrooms, poached eggs, Hollandaise sauce

Can the H doctor up a slice of pizza the morning after. Or what.

We Went to Santa Barbara

The kids and I got to tag along with the H to Santa Barbara a couple of weekends ago. It's okay to shamelessly post pictures of your kids doing cute things when they're on a trip right? Plus, I noticed that Snook and Bubs have been conspicuously absent from Snook 'n' Bubs as of late. So here goes . . . Snook across the street from the beach and Stearns Wharf.Action shot on the hotel bed, which the kids shared suprisingly well for their first time. Phew!"Fighting the flowers." His little boy DNA is really starting to come out these days. Snook serenading something.Exploring some public art, as it were.Checking out the train station.Nothing cuter than a little boy wearing floaties. With his tummy sticking out.A frozen yogurt shop that serves crepes too? Yummmmm!The stall shower. Probably their favorite part of the whole trip. Two sleeping kids on the way home. Can't beat that.

They're already asking when we can "go on vacation" again. Baby steps.