Saturday, July 24, 2010

Four and Two

My bundles turned four and two earlier this year! Which was huge for me because I cannot tell you how many people, back when I was struggling with a terrible two and an infant, told me, "It's hard now, but just wait until they turn four and two. Life will get so much easier." So as much as I tried to live in the moment/savor each day/carpe diem (blah blah blah), 2010 was always kind of looming out there like the light at the end of a long, dark tunnel. Of course, as soon as we closed in on four and two, the new mantra I started hearing was, "Five and three. Those are the real golden ages." Figures. But this year still called for a celebration. So we did some Disneyland . . .. . . some Corvette Diner . . . . . . some Chuck E. Cheese . . . . . . some Wild Animal Park . . . . . . and some good old-fashioned family parties.

And I'm glad we did because so far, four and two have been pretty darn golden compared to those rockier early years. The best parts being that both kids can communicate and be reasoned with, for the most part. And they play together and love each other up like never before. So I think I can safely say, half a year in, that four and two was every bit worth the wait.

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Krista said...

afor someone at the baby and 2 stage, this is an inspiring post!!!