Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Sorry Attempt at Face Painting

As I was saying, my friend Julia's amazing face-painting artistry recently inspired me to purchase a Snazaroo kit and try painting my own kids' faces. Painting has never been my specialty, but where my red-headed, two-year-old son was concerned, I figured he'd look cute no matter what. And he's too young to complain, even when it looks like he painted his own bunny face. See what I mean. My poor daughter, on the other hand, did try to paint her own face, so frustrated was she by my pathetic attempt to draw a flowering vine up the side of her face. Yeah, it didn't go well. In a nutshell, she was really mad at me for doing such a bad job, and then got even madder at herself for not being able to improve upon my work. I would keep practicing, but I'm afraid to get her all riled up again. Lesson being that in her case, face painting might have to be left up to the pros. Bummer.

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JMay said...

Your kids are adorable :-)