Friday, October 22, 2010

Channeling Lady Gaga

I don't know what the deal is, but whenever Halloween rolls around I fantasize about dressing up like some pop diva. This year, in a perfect world, I would be all over Lady Gaga. There would be eyelashes, hair, mini-everything, heels, meat (just kidding) . . . I know, I know. Tacky, played out, and best left to the twenty-somethings. But how fun would that be?


Torrie said...

I think a 30-something could rock a Lady Gaga outfit- way better than a 20- something... inner confidence and power that 20-somethings don't always have... yet:).

Thank you very much for your comment yesterday! I have not yet heard of Zumba, but will definitely look into it. That is exactly why I wrote that post- to gain new ideas from "real people" trying to do the same as I am- fitting exercise in!!

Bridget said...

lady gaga is ripe for halloween-costumes! meat costumes, blood costumes, i mean she dresses up like its halloween every day.

Scratch the hostile fay said...

Lady Gaga does halloween 24/7/365.

It follows she'd try to make money off her...uhm.. "look" (and I use that term loosely.)

>waves wildly< Hiiiiiiiiiiii