Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Barbary Brother

My little brother gets to go to the Barbary Brix launch party tonight. Lucky duck. But he promised to bring some samples home for the holidays so I guess he's forgiven for getting all fancy and foodie without me. Especially if these "hand-crafted, eco-friendly caramel chews" taste as good as they look.


Torrie said...

I'm really wishing I was in his shoes right about now... just not fair. ;)

J. Jacob Esch said...

The truth is, they taste even better than they look. I just placed an order for a bunch to bring down to SoCal on Friday - now it's just a question of how much of it survives the drive!

Bugs said...

you can get them at www.barbarybrix.com. They are YUMMMMMMMMMYYYY!!