Monday, March 16, 2009

Where I Blog

Almost a whole month ago, one of my deepest blog crushes, Anne from The City Sage, did a post inviting her readers to share their favorite places to blog. I'll take the bait on this one because my blogging "sanctuary" is unusual, I think, in that it consists merely of a wall in our house.

There's more to this wall than meets the eye, though, because, would you believe, everything on this wall used to fill an entire room in our house. When we found out baby was going to make three, that room had to be converted into a nursery. So suddenly our desk, desk chair, computer table, media center, book shelves, liquor cabinet, and love seat all had to find new homes. Look closely and you'll find a smaller, more compact version of most of the items mentioned above discreetly tucked away into a spot on this wall.

I wish the "chair" was a little more comfortable, and that this wall wasn't in the most highly-traveled area of our house. But other than that, it's a fine wall, a fine place to blog, and a fine answer to our compact-living conundrum, don't you think?

1 comment:

citysage said...

you've got me blushing! thanks for the link love and for the sweet words.

And as for your little blogging wall, i LOVE that you've mounted the monitor right there on the wall. sheer genius. what a great spot you've carved out for yourself!