Monday, March 9, 2009

Extraordinary Chocolate Bars

I don't indulge in a chocolate bar that often. But the next time I do, I'm going to make it count and go for one of Extraordinary Desserts' new, signature, handmade, chocolate bars. Word is that four of the five newly-veiled bars are flavor-reminiscent of E.D.'s most popular cakes. Can you imagine the delicious decadence of a cake distilled down to a chocolate bar? And one of these cakes no less:

the Gianduia,

the Linzer,

the Au Chocolate,

and the Truffle Framboise.

The fifth bar, aptly named the "20 Years Anniversary Chocolate Bar," was specially designed to pay tribute to the past two decades of Extraordinary Desserts. Might have to go for that one. Or all five. This kind of temptation makes me feel even luckier that two E.D.'s are within walking distance. Feed the beast then feel the burn!

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