Monday, December 7, 2009

Mommy Cards

None of the mommies I have met over the years at various playgrounds, beaches, shopping malls, etc. has ever handed me her mommy card. But tell me these ones from Pear Tree Greetings aren't sweet and wouldn't be extremely useful for those times when you and another mom totally click but have no pens, paper, free hands, time, etc. to exchange contact info.So why haven't mommy cards taken off? Are they a little dorky? Over the top? More to the point, would you be scared of a mom who handed you one of these? Perhaps. But I do remember brainstorming with my mother-in-law once about how I could go about designing something like this because I truly thought they might come in handy. Looks like my mompreneurial ambitions (such as they are) were thwarted once again!


jora said...

what a great idea!

Karen said...

I love this idea! I had entered a blog giveaway to win some, but didn't. I think I'll be getting some of my own (buying or making). So much easier to reach into your bag and grab a card than to search for pen and paper!