Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Return to Disneyland

After an almost one-year break from our frequent Disneyland trips of yore, last Sunday we were right back at it.Family jungle cruise ride
Sending the Chargers some love from afar Good boy, Pluto! Awaiting the Princess and the Frog riverboat extravaganza There's Princess Tiana!
Snook got a case of the bashfuls
Until it came time to negotiate, of course. Luckily, we had two brave kids at the Santa Claus meet and greet. Bubs even piped up when asked what he would like for Christmas, "Choo choo train, pees." That place is so much fun!


Cynthia said...

Love love love your recent posts and pics from this week H! Especially darling is the family photo at Disneyland. By the looks of it, you guys had a really fun time! xoxo, Cin

Heidi said...

Thanks so much, Cin. And thanks especially for talking me through it. Can't wait to hear all about NYC xoxo, H

Marcy said...

I loved the change up they do the Small World during the holidays, that was pretty cool...and the big Christmas tree. I guess we didn't see Santa when we went though. Like I said maybe we will make it there together before our passes expire in May.

Elaine said...

Fun!!!! I'm so jealous you went to Disneyland!


Anonymous said...

aw i was just at disney a few weekends ago! cute photos!