Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rethinking Children

I'm reading this book right now, and it's blowing my mind. Usually I run from parenting how-to books like the plague because this job is hard enough without someone who's never met you or your kids telling you that you're doing everything wrong. But what I'm finding out is even the best of parenting instincts can get seriously mucked up by conventional wisdom, and a lot of conventional wisdom regarding parenting is dead wrong. Such as:

*Think it boosts your kids' self esteem to tell them they're smart? Think again.
*Think teens are sullen and unmotivated because, well, they're teens? Think again.
*Think you're creating color-blind children by avoiding the topic of race? Think again.
*Think you're setting a great example for your kids of always telling the truth? Think again.
*Think siblings learn from each other how to get along with others? Think again.
*Think teens who argue with their parents are disrespectful? Think again.
*Think programs like D.A.R.E. cut down on drug use and Driver's Ed classes reduce accidents? Think again.

And that's not all, and I'm not even done. It's fascinating stuff, even if you're not a parent, and a must-read in my opinion. Have you read it? I would love to know what you think . . .


Alice Q. Foodie said...

So I can hardly take the suspense - what are the answers?? :) I am sort of fascinated by this stuff even though I don't have kids. Maybe you can fill us all in at the next Supper Club!

Heidi said...

Alice: I think you would really like it. I'm going to buy a copy and go back through with a hi-liter. Want me to pick you up one? I really couldn't do it justice.