Friday, September 24, 2010

Second Annual Chili Cook-Off

I'm so happy this has become a tradition. We held our street's Second Annual Chili Cook-Off this past Labor Day. It was bigger and better than last year's in so many ways. There was a homemade lemonade stand.
There were seven, count them, seven pots of chili to judge instead of last year's measly three.
There were lots more people. So many in fact that we decided to hold it on our front lawn instead of our backyard to allow for better flow.
The jumpy tent was the same. But bigger kids meant bigger risk of injury. Ouch.There was a centerpiece designed especially for this event. And there was a fabulous trophy, shown here by Bubs in his big boy underpants . . .
. . . and raised triumphantly here by the winner, Betsy! Her secret? Well, there were lots, but the ones that stuck with me were the cup of chopped black olives and two cups of cheese she threw in at the end. It was some seriously delicious chili, and a very good time. Except for when a few poor souls' chili made an, ahem, second appearance as a result of a cinnamon challenge gone horribly wrong. I'll spare you those photos. Congrats to all!

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