Thursday, November 18, 2010


Don't ask me why, but I love Friday Night Lights. Yes, I know Lyla Garrity graduated, but it's still fun to sit around hoping she'll make a cameo. In the meantime, there's this. Go Minka!


Torrie said...

I am so behind on this.

Just heard of this show, and have no idea when it started, when it's on, etc.

Is it a show that you need to watch from the beginning??

Heidi said...

Hi Torrie,
You could start now and enjoy it, but I would have to recommend watching it from the beginning because the characters and the plot evolve quite a bit over time. I think this is the third season, and there aren't that many episodes in each season. So in your free time you could do some catching up . . . :)

Torrie said...

K- sounds good; thanks for letting me know!