Thursday, November 18, 2010


As promised, here are some pictures of my bundles over the Halloween week, since I do realize they are what the holiday is supposed to be about.A Littlest Pet Shop bunny. She pretty much grabbed the first pink costume she saw. Count Dracula! At the same patch where I used to go a pumpkin-picking as a wee lass. Visiting some spirited neighborhood shops.And since I couldn't leave well enough alone as Lady Gaga, I also had to dress up as a nurse to go trick-or-treating. I can't believe I thought this cheap, white costume was flattering! I hope everyone else had a fun Halloween! Now on to the true insanity!

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Torrie said...

Very cute!

2 costumes! Wow; I thought I was on the ball this year actually dressing up to trick or treat! ...impreeeeeeesive;)