Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy Campers

Another missing piece of our springtime puzzle was that the kids and I got to go tent-camping for the first time over Memorial Day weekend!  It was quite the adventure.  I think my favorite part was being all cozy and cuddly with my bundles in the tent at night.  Not enough to start co-sleeping on a regular basis mind you, but it felt really sweet being the mama bear protecting my warm, little cubs all night long.  Nothing separating us from the night but a thin sheet of canvas.  So now that I've done it, for anyone interested in doing the same I would recommend the following:

Don't go alone.  Go with a pack of fun, experienced, and most importantly, organized neighbors whose kids play well with your kids, and whose Mad Libs skills will have you cackling like hyenas around the campfire until beddy-bye time.  It helps when they have mad cooking and bartending skills too!

If you can, try to camp at the Orange County Fairgrounds during the annual Scottish Festival. That way bagpipes will serenade you from morning until night, you can gnaw on turkey legs all day in case you forgot to pack some in your cooler, and you'll be in awe of some very cool people holding on for dear life to some very cool traditions from the Old Country.

And finally, make sure there's a Target and/or Old Navy nearby. Just in case.  I picked up a bikini on the trip.  Go fig!  Happy camping!

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