Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sin City

As I mentioned, we celebrated our five-year wedding anniversary a little over a week ago. I've always known I am an extremely lucky lady, but when the only demand made of me for our fifth was that I let myself be spoiled, I was reminded again (for the umpteenth time) how very lucky I am. Four days and three nights (no kids!) in Las Vegas were completely planned out, unbeknownst to me, and the whole thing was almost too good to be true. To find out just how good, take the simple True/False quiz below (because I know I'm not supposed to outright say what happened in Vegas):

True or False?

We stayed at the sophisticated and luxurious THEhotel AT MANDALAY BAY. You can kind of see the tub!

True or False?We did some serious damage at The Shoppes at The Palazzo.

True or False?

We ate at these fine dining establishments, among others.

True or False?I was pampered at The Bathhouse with a hot stone massage and a rejuvenating facial. Still glowing!

True or False?We spent five hours poolside in a private cabana at The Beach enjoying margarita after daiquiri after . . .

True or False?We sat front row, center at The Phantom of the Opera. I could have touched the chandelier!

Answer Key:
Would I lie to you???

But as great as it was to get away and as wonderful as it felt to be completely spoiled, what made it the perfect weekend was the eye contact, the one-on-one, the conversation, the alone time. That's the stuff that fills me up. Happy fifth, honey, and here's to many, many more.


citysage said...

Wowee---sounds like you guys got the royal treatment! there's nothing like vegas for a fun couple's getaway!

Alice Q. Foodie said...

How fun! James is angling for the cabana for our trip next week - so maybe we'll have to try it out! Hoping we can get a GNO together soon!