Sunday, May 31, 2009

Take a Hike

This one is for my brother. As an occasional reader of this blog, he recently offered me some constructive (I hope) criticism. His main point being, "Why should I care about what shoes you want to buy? I'd rather read about a hike you went on so that maybe I can decide if I'd like to go on that hike." Okay, for one thing, never bash a girl's shoe obsession! And for another, 33-year-old single guys are not exactly my target audience. But if he wanted a hike, I decided I would give him a hike. So here are some images from a truly magical nature walk the kids and I went on the other day down into the canyon that runs behind our house. Snook with her basket, just waiting to be filled with treasures. And what a treasure trove it was!We came upon the funniest little garden gnome.How's this for the mansion of all bird houses?Just a brilliant bougainvillea.Isn't this some very impressive terracing of a steep backyard? The H and I really want to do something like this at our place one day.
We spotted this painted window tucked in amidst some wildflowers behind a blindingly white fence.
Doesn't this old wooden door look like it leads to a secret walled garden?The kids were delighted by these dancing fence decorations and inspired to copy some of their moves.

Such gorgeous flowers!A plucky pelican.A whimsical birdhouse.A once babbling brook.The cutest sheep lawn ornament you ever saw.Climbing up, up, up . . . . . . to a golden meadow (Bubs didn't quite make it).There goes my adventurous twosome.Bubs was so proud of his rock.Snook showing off her basket full of treasures, including a very uncooperative roly poly bug that didn't make it home. Darn. My favorite part!
So what do you think Uncle Josh? Can we count you in next time? I hope so!!!


Marcy said...

How come I've never been down that canyon? Is that anywhere near the scary bridge? Looks like you guys had a nice "nature walk." Thanks for our lovely dinner out the other night, by the way!

Heidi said...

Hey Marcy! Yes, that bridge you see in the fourth to last picture is the "scary bridge." Let's do this walk the next time you come over. Matilda wants to make popovers with Ian too. Thank you for a wonderful night out!

J. Jacob Esch said...

1) I never "offered" criticism, criticism was demanded of me.

2) My thoughts were grudgingly provided, with the repeated caveat that "I'm sure this is irrelevant to you and your readers."

3) Sure, I'll do that hike with you and the little monsters any time.

Heidi said...

Hi Josh!
1) True.
2) Your thoughts are never irrelevant.
3) Yeah!
P.S. When did you marry Camille?

Marcy said...

Hey Heidi. Just read your reply. Is that your brother? Did he change his name?