Sunday, July 26, 2009

Finally Lefty's

I walked into the newly opened Lefty's Chicago Pizzeria a little over a week ago expecting good pizza and a good casual vibe that was heretofore seriously lacking in my neighborhood. What I did not except to find was a kids' play area complete with books, various blocks and creatures, and a toy kitchen! But there it all was. And there my mom and I sat for about an hour enjoying an uninterrupted lunchtime conversation while S 'n' B played happily and safely mere inches from our table. I don't know who this Lefty guy is, but he's a genius. We've since been back with my sister-in-law's family.The other little cutie in the pictures is S 'n' B's cousin. So sweet! So consider this your Lefty's playdate invitation. Any time. Any day.

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mccabe_tina said...

Yes! Yes! We want to go! Sounds so fun! Let's pick a date.