Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Legos We Go-Go

Legoland is a favorite playdate spot for several of my friends and me. Yes, it's an amusement park and there are rides, but the abundance of legos everywhere means kids (read moms) can take a break in one place for as long as they want and create to their heart's content. As a result, I find the atmosphere to be much more serene, cerebral and slower-paced than what you would normally expect at a place geared for kids. Other things that keep us coming back: Miniland USA, something everyone should see at least once; the Model Mom Club (you don't have to be a Club member to take advantage of their curtained-off nursing areas complete with rocking chairs, bottle warmers, changing stations); and lots of great, healthy food options everywhere you look. Like I'm hinting at, this place thinks of everything.Bubs and me floating down Storybook River on a recent visit. Snook floating along with her buddy Alexis.
Meeting Bob.Meeting Princess Lily. Who?Very busy managing their grocery store.And here the girls are exploring Sea Life Aquarium for the first time. Definitely the most kid-friendly place I've ever seen for kids to interact with sea creatures. Or sea creatures to interact with kids. Such good times!

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Marcy said...

Hey Heidi! We just renewed our Legoland membership yesterday, so when do you want to go?