Monday, July 13, 2009

Kelly on Kettner

I met Darby Kelly, the artist of this beautiful painting, last Friday night when my neighbor, Joy, and I took a spontaneous stroll down to Little Italy to attend Kettner Nights. This event had it all-- art, furniture, jewelry, fashion, live music, leather chaps and free wine. I will definitely be back. Anyway, back to the painting, or portrait collage as Ms. Kelly referred to it. Joy and I were struck by how much the artist looked like her cherubic subject. Striking too was the creative use of a stiletto for the stem of the fiery, red calla lily. But mostly my mind kept drifting to what Snook's collage would look like if such a work were commissioned. She tromps around in my heels all the time so shoes would definitely have to be integrated somehow, as well as books; a battered, old, stuffed kitty-cat; and maybe chocolate.

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