Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cookie Monsters

When life gives us a really messy house and a really killer cookie recipe, we choose bake cookies over clean house any day. Too many cooks.
Chocolate chips go in. Chocolate chips come out.Caught red-handed!After only one semi-panicked phone call to Jora- tada! They took eighteen minutes to reach chewy, gooey goodness in my oven, so be prepared for some experimenting here. And note to self: Buy some sweetened coconut alreadyThese bowls didn't stay full for long!


Krista said...

i made them too - delish! why 18 minutes tough?

Heidi said...

Hi Krista: How many did you make? I made two dozen so they were pretty big. I think that's why they took so long. That, and maybe my oven doesn't run particularly hot.

Karen said...

I bookmarked that recipe, too! I plan on making them soon. I'll just keep watching them in the oven (thanks for the time tip!).
They do look yummy!