Monday, October 12, 2009

Ice Princess

Despite our best efforts to beat it by joining it, Snook, aka Cinderella, still has not quite left her princess phase behind. It's a powerful pull people, made even harder to resist by the anticipation of the newest, and might I mention, historic Disney princess. So when we heard Disney On Ice: Princess Classics was coming to town, tickets were a no-brainer. Excited little princesses. Snook and her friends wore this enraptured expression on their faces the entire time. There goes Cinderella, like you've never seen her before.Taking a final bow.

It would be nice if she were going to be an astronaut this Halloween, her newest career of choice, but we might have to wait a little bit longer for that. Wait till you see who Bubs is going to be . . . I'll give you a hint- ROCK AND ROLL! (No, it's not Elvis.)

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