Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

Happy belated Halloween! I hope it was a great one for everyone. Ours was good but a little on the spooky side, thanks to an unexpected visit from the Ghost of Indecision. That pesky guy just would not leave us alone. For example, Snook couldn't decide if she wanted to be Cinderella, Chef Ariel, or a bat princess for Halloween. So she was a mixture of all three.Then, little Bubs couldn't decide if he wanted to be an elephant or Peter Criss from the band KISS. So he ended up being both."Peter Criss," wearing his pink ribbon to help raise awareness.My neighbor, Joy, made all of the boys' KISS costumes. They looked awesome!

As for pumpkin carving, there was both a nice jack-o-lantern (not pictured) and a mean one. And Halloween dinner was the same way. Should we serve bison steaks or buffalo steaks? We served both.Our friends, Amber and Jay

Finally, we couldn't figure out if we wanted to stay in our neighborhood and trick-or-treat or go to another friends' house for spider cake. So, again, we did both.It was both a very spooky AND A VERY FUN Halloween, indeed!


Alice Q. Foodie said...

I love the "all of the above" approach! And really, why should a girl limit herself to just one halloween costume?? ;-)

M. and O. said...

News on daily-women, 2 new posts by O&M :
An interview to a young girl who loves Chineese & Japan style, and a photo shoot by Olivia in Leopard dress :)

come on and see us !
have a nice day :) x.o.x.o