Monday, November 2, 2009

Playdate Karma

My friend, Nina, and I had one of those play dates a little while back where everything came together so nicely. We first had a delicious brunch at Big Kitchen on the very kid-friendly, very enclosed back patio. It was the perfect locale for those eating-out occasions when containment is everything. And for when your kids want to do the "Fruit Bowl" dance.We then headed next door to So Childish, an adorable children's boutique where it just so happened that a music class was about to begin.All of the children were in their glory, hopping and bopping to the beat. Definitely gave me some future birthday-party ideas.Of course, free play was the best part!Picture time! Didn't Nina get a great shot with her girl? I got lucky that day too because . . .
. . . I got a pre-playdate picture with my girl . . . . . . and a picture with my boy.But this is the closest Snook would let me come to getting a picture with both my girl and my boy.Three-year-olds! It was still a beautiful day.

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