Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We Went to Santa Barbara

The kids and I got to tag along with the H to Santa Barbara a couple of weekends ago. It's okay to shamelessly post pictures of your kids doing cute things when they're on a trip right? Plus, I noticed that Snook and Bubs have been conspicuously absent from Snook 'n' Bubs as of late. So here goes . . . Snook across the street from the beach and Stearns Wharf.Action shot on the hotel bed, which the kids shared suprisingly well for their first time. Phew!"Fighting the flowers." His little boy DNA is really starting to come out these days. Snook serenading something.Exploring some public art, as it were.Checking out the train station.Nothing cuter than a little boy wearing floaties. With his tummy sticking out.A frozen yogurt shop that serves crepes too? Yummmmm!The stall shower. Probably their favorite part of the whole trip. Two sleeping kids on the way home. Can't beat that.

They're already asking when we can "go on vacation" again. Baby steps.

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