Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Light Up the Night

So the Scripps Book Club ladies are coming over this Sunday, and . . . . . . I really need to finish this book before then. Especially seeing as I'm the hostess and all. But pleasure reading doesn't happen during the day, and at night, it's, well, dark. To clarify, I like to read in bed, but sometimes I get to bed after the H is already asleep, or else he's winding down to his nighttime stories with the lights off. What's a bedtime reader to do? Get herself one of these handy dandy magnifier/flashlight combos (or some other similar book light) that's what. I've been using mine for a week now, and let's just say finishing my book is not going to be a problem. It's been so nice to steal a few extra moments to myself, buried deep in a book, before drifting off to sleep. Without bothering a soul. Nights are looking brighter, indeed.

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