Friday, April 10, 2009

Okay By Me

I just got my first pair of OKA b. sandals! I say my first pair because hopefully there will be many more. I've been wondering when flip flop technology was going to move beyond these oldies but goodies. Now I have my answer. What's not to love about a shoe that boasts "Massage Beads," Non-Slip," and "Arch Support." And the list of attributes continues. They're made in the good old US of A. They're odor-resistant. And how cute that their tag line is "Love at first step," they invite you to "Experience a love affair," and their website is I picked up the "Chloe" in Popsicle Pink, but I have my eye on these styles as well:The "Madison"The "Emily"The "Jasmine"
The "Caroline"

Lots more super stylish reasons to be so excited that the warm weather months are upon us!

P.S. She's selling the "Chloe" and the "Marion" at this store for $9 and $5 less, respectively, than listed on the website.

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