Monday, July 11, 2011

Time Machine Post #1

I don't know how else to do this. I desperately want to blog about the here and now, but before I do that I feel the need to first back up and document what was quite the magical springtime of our lives.  Lots of mini-posts about times gone by do not sound appealing, however, so I think I'm just going to do a few photo-dump-type posts so I can bring this blog up to speed more quickly, and then start living in the present.  Here goes hopefully something . . .
The H served this up one morning.  For breakfast.  It was delicious.
We ate incredible Mexican food at this very popular hole-in-the-wall.

Snook and Bubs started playing together like never before.

I rooted for the my college-in-law's basketball team, to no avail.

Bubs decided he likes it spikey.

He also got something of the superhero in him all of a sudden.

We went to the Children's Museum with friends.

And made beautiful cherry blossoms together.

As well as musical instruments.

I couldn't get enough of what the Tamale Lady was selling.

We had artful playdates.

I lamented bangs, which are now back in the grow-out phase.

We indulged in San Diego's new Sprinkles.
My little sweet tooth especially loved it.
I loved the display.

Snook started gymnastics.
Bubs earned his first sports medal.

Basketball was his favorite.
I started making and eating granola the Jamie Oliver way.  And now I can't stop.

My girl and I went to the beach.

La Jolla to be exact.

It was so beautiful that day.

To say the least.

We started supporting our local professional soccer team.

Even when it was freezing cold outside.

There was a spider in my bucket.

These friends journeyed far.

And collected bountiful treasures on a nature hike.
The H presented this mouth-watering pre-theater appetizer.

The kids enjoyed an old-fashioned backyard Easter egg hunt at Grammie and Grampie's house.
I visited my brother in San Francisco and took in his spectacular rooftop view.

I also made my solitary way to Union Square.

And liked it.

Snook drew an alien encounter.

And made herself busy at Art Walk.

We enjoyed our backyard pool during a heat wave.

And Bubs slept through Mother's Day.
That brings us into May.  Hey, it's only July.  This may not be as bad as I thought . . .

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Torrie said...

LOVE this "little" recap.

Other than your adooooorable children, my favorites are the one of you (basketball tee) and that colorful retro lawn chair... among several others :)... LOOOOOVE!