Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Deep Thoughts

Our family went to a memorial service for a loved one recently. Shortly thereafter, Snook had a really bad dream about another loved one (a non-surfer) dying in an awful surfing accident. Both of these events must still (understandably) be weighing heavily on her mind, because she bombarded me with these questions last night (most of which I was not at all prepared to answer):

I'm going to live forever, right?
No one who lives in my house, you, me, Dashy (aka Bubs), or Dada is ever going to die, right?
Who dies?
What does God look like?
But what does God look like?!?
What's under our house?
But that's not where we go when we die, right?
Bad dreams are the ones that don't come true and good dreams are the ones that do come true, right?
My bones are under my skin, right?
But if I got a really bad boo boo, I would see my bones, right?
I don't want to see my bones.

Heavy. Not sure that I'm up to this. It might be time for some churchin'.


hlo said...

Oh Heidi, it only gets more and more complicated. If only if it were all as easy as which stroller to buy or which sleep training method to use, you know? I think my family might need some churchin' too:)

Heidi said...

hlo: That's what I hear from everyone with older kids. And here I thought I was leaving the hard part behind. BTW I would love to read your blog. Invite me?

Tina said...

Oh Heidi...we should compare notes. Abby has been asking very similar questions lately. Sometimes she just leaves me speechless. I literally have no idea how to answer her questions and I feel totally inadequate as a parent! I will say that Sunday school has helped a bit with the "does God see everything I do?" "is God baby Jesus?" "will God make daddy's foot better?"...So maybe churchin' will help. :-)