Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ladies Who Lunch

After reading Alice's gripping and graphic account last month of the delicious eats at Tender Greens, the girls and I knew we had to plan a ladies' lunch there post-haste. The girls being:

Jora (You know that lovely, pregnant shape of hers we've been admiring all summer? Even lovelier in person.);

Krista (She also had herself a beautiful and stylishly clad bump going on this summer. Until she had herself a beautiful baby girl just over three weeks ago!); and

Miss Alice Q. herself. (She was chic in black and was ROCKING the off-center ponytail.)

So I'm no food blogger, but the daily special that a couple of us ordered -- a chorizo and crab salad -- was spectacular. As were the soups, sandwiches, red velvet cupcake and other savories and sweets we all tried. Yeah, Alice was pretty much right-on with all her recommendations, yet again.

I should mention there were a couple of ladies'-lunch interlopers there with us that day whom Alice was sweet enough to photograph.

Snook, post-enormous chocolate chip cookie.

Bubs, enjoying himself some enormous chocolate chip cookie.

Me, trying to contain Bubs' sugar high.

Krista and her newborn snuggle bunny Lisette.

Too bad we didn't take a group photo. The only downer in an otherwise upliftingly luscious lunch date. That included the most thoughtful and healthy kids' plate I think I've ever seen. There was a choice between, no joke, chicken or flank steak. Along with mashed potatoes, grilled zucchini, figs (I believe), bread and a drink. I must admit to sneaking several bites from S 'n' B's plates when they weren't looking. Bad, I know, but so good!


Cynthia said...

I'm LOVING your blog Heid! Thanks for sending the link. It's such a fabulous mix of all things interesting...a perfect blend that beautifully reflects you. Joel and I went to Tender Greens for the first time after church at The Rock a couple of weeks ago. We loved it. So fresh and yummy! I ordered the free range chicken plate with succulent mashed yukon potatoes. MMmmmm! Joel had an assortment of veggies all perfectly marinated. Since we were there at closing time we benefited in being given (for free) a chocolate and a carrot cake cupcake. Delicious! xoxo, Cin

Krista said...

thanks for the post! we had a family lunch date there yesterday for gil's bday. the grilled cheese was a tad too grown up for maia (very sharp cheddar) but she could not get enough of the red velvet cupcake. afterwards, we let her run around the grass like a crazy woman to get out the sugar high! let's lunch again soon!