Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fairy Day Miracles

Amy and I braved Fairy Day at Quail Botanical Gardens with our wee ones a few weekends back. I say "braved" because the "organizers" of this event somehow failed to anticipate that more than just four kids were probably going to show up. So it wasn't particularly prudent to have just four seats at the wand-coloring/crown-making/doll-crafting stations. Because if you do, what happens is that while just four kids are painstakingly creating their wands/crowns/dolls, all of the other hundreds of kids are having to wait their turns for a long long time in the hot hot sun, and that's just no fun. But our girls (and Bubs) did miraculously get their turns.Stamping.Crown-making.Wand-coloring.And it was fun. More miraculously, the little siblings were quite patient throughout all this.The grand finale was meeting the fairy queen.After our hot morning, we treated ourselves to a fabulous lunch at Tony's Jacal on their cool patio near a cool fountain with some cool (in some cases alcoholic) beverages. Aaaaaah! Definitely worth the wait.

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