Friday, February 6, 2009

C-Man and Baby J Came to Play

When you have this much fun on a playdate, there's no choice but to have another one. If for no other reason than to get your older child to stop nagging you. But mostly because this is one cute foursome. C-Man and Baby J, who need no introduction, came to play yesterday.

Here is Baby J, looking quite domestic.

With Bubs, the man of the house. I have to agree with Jora. This is a future match made in heaven.

C-Man took Snook for a spin around the yard.

And here they are, in a rare quiet moment, reading to each other. Not pictured, these two pushing each other's buttons like an old married couple.

The nagging for a repeat playdate began again right after we'd finished our good byes. But of course! Jora and I haven't quite figured out how to outsource the child care and incorporate the libations, but we're working on it.

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jora said...

It was so fun!! And I agree about those two being like an old married couple. Too funny. Let's set something up again soon. :)