Monday, February 2, 2009

Part-Timer's Prerogative

You know what I think I love most about being a part-time, pseudo-contract, here-today-gone-tomorrow kind of employee?

I get to wear my green tights to work! With boots, a tight black jersey dress, and a crazy wrap. Who's gonna say anything? Okay, obviously there are other way more important perks, but this has gotta be in the top five. Wonder what tomorrow's fashion experiment should be. I'm thinking peacock blue bubble dress and white leather jacket. With green tights. Just kidding!


Fashion Addict said...

Oh that would be so cool if I could go to work in green tights! lol!

BTW, I'm hosting a Valentine's Day contest at my blog and I would love it if you entered! Please check back at my blog for more details!

David Cuthbert said...

I'm trying to make a mental image of this, but am failing miserably. When it comes to the "wrap" part, I'm envisioning a tortilla.

Maybe I just need to have dinner.

I actually show up to work in tights every day! Well, ok, bicycle shorts, and I do change into jeans or Dockers in our locker room before actually getting to work. But I'd like to think this somehow still counts. :-)

Yippy said...

Keep experimenting. Maybe there aren't such tight rules as you imagined!