Tuesday, February 17, 2009

McFun For All

Marcy and I had the best of intentions for our rainy day playdate a little while back. We packed healthy snacks for the kids and planned to meet at one of those popular indoor playgrounds they have around town. No cabin fever for our crew.

Except that when we met up at this particular indoor playground, it turned out to be nothing more than a vacant space in a strip mall that some enterprising entrepreneur had rented out, filled with a bunch of ho-hum toys, and then set out to charge parents $8.50 per kid for the privilege of playing there. Such a racket. Oh, and it cost $2.00 extra to buy socks, which for some reason were required, and which for various reasons our two olders were not wearing.

So where did we find ourselves instead? Down the road a little ways at a place you may have heard of . . . Where there was a Playland that the kids enjoyed so much, Marcy and I found ourselves wondering why exactly we keep shlepping off to Legoland every chance we get. They seriously could not get enough of this place. See!

Oh, and the best part was, this Mickey D's was a McCafe.
They're brewing up some serious heaven in a cup at that there fast food joint. Happy kids. Darn good coffee. And the kids enjoyed milk, chicken nuggets, apple slices and French fried potatoes (they sound healthier when you call them that). Just one thing left to say . . .

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Marcy said...

Heidi, you said it well. What a great McDonalds that was! We have yet to find a better McDonald's. And I should know since I'm the McDonald's expert (I shamefully admit).