Thursday, December 4, 2008

Did You Watch It?

We make a point of catching the VSFS around here every year. For some reason, I really look forward to losing myself in all of that in-your-face hotness. Last night's show was a little disappointing, however, because the models were strutting across what looked to be some kind of stage instead of your traditional, audience-penetrating, walk-the-plank, yes-you-may-study-me-from-every-angle-because-I-am-that-hot runway. This stage was probably 100 yards away from the closest audience member. How is that risky? Granted the cameramen were still doing their typical, up-close, up-drawers shots for the viewers back home, but still. The other downer was the number of times they panned to Martha Stewart, who for some reason was sitting front and center. Oh well, it was still hot. And one sequence was actually quite beautiful. Flowers and butterflies served as the backdrop for a model wearing a deconstructed gazebo-turned-negligee that was interlaced with meandering rosebush vines. It's airing again on 12/17 in case you missed it and want to watch something hot.

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