Friday, December 5, 2008

WrestleMania No More

Bubs was born loving the changing table. To the point that on those occasions as a newborn when he would launch into one of his inconsolable, inexplicable crying fits, I would change his diaper, we're talking a brand new, unsoiled diaper, just to calm him down. Worked every time. Well, that all changed at around 6 months when all of a sudden, every time I tried to change that kid's diaper, it would turn into a WrestleMania match, with me suffering way more SmackDowns than him.

I mentioned all this as an aside to his pediatrician a couple of months ago, and she said, "Yeah, that's why a lot of Moms turn to pull-ups early." What?! Never ever would have occurred to me. Pull-ups are for your 2-year-old potty-training types, right? I mean, I think the smallest size they come in is 2T-3T. But I was desperate. So I ordered some pull-ups for baby Bubs. Genius! Sure, there's a little extra room in the tushy, but not too much. The fact that I can easily change him, even while he's practicing his hits and pinfalls, is all that matters. Thought I would share in case any of you were dealing with a little Hulk Hogan (or Hoganette) and, like me, never would have thought outside of the diaper. Pure genius.


Krista said...

first of, YOU HAVE A BLOG!!!! ahem, i can't believe i did not know until i stumbled upon it this morning!!! second, maia HATES the changing table. it is major drama every time. this pull up idea has me very excited!!!

Heidi said...

Oh good! I really hope this pull up idea works for you like it's been working for me. Sorry, I should have mentioned my blog to you. I'm still getting used to the idea myself. But I'm so glad you finally found it! Another way for us to keep in touch! Besides GNOs of course. XO