Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Do You Have a Kids' Menu?

Everyone knows it's hard to eat out with kids. But I haven't let that stop me. In fact, I have probably already inflicted my kids on hundreds of restaurants. While I do try to seek out your more kid-friendly establishments, I just can't go to Lenny's or Chuck E. Cheese's every time (or any time for that matter).

But this past Friday I probably pushed the envelope a little too far. You see, my single, younger brother was in town, and in the interest of entertaining him (and satisfying my own curiosity, to be perfectly candid), we went, with my kids and my mom, to, wait for it, The Tilted Kilt.

This place is affectionately known as the Irish Hooters. But did I let that stop me? Noooooo. In my defense, they did have a high chair (which Bubs almost fell backwards out of while smiling at one particularly buxom server), and a pristine (I wonder why) changing table in the women's restroom. The employees also could not have been friendlier or more welcoming. Can't say as much for the other patrons (99.9% of whom were male). The expressions on their faces clearly read, "Is there nothing left?" Not surprisingly, the answer to my question, "Do you have a kids' menu?" was negatory. So we probably won't be going back. For that and other reasons all too obvious to mention.


jora said...

That is hilarious! I am in awe of your tot-toting restaurant ways. I'm afraid to take ours many places. One of the only places we go as a family is Tony's Jacal, which is about as family friendly as it gets!

Marcy said...

Heidi, ask me to send you pictures of Ian in the middle of all the waitresses at the tilted kilt. :)

Heidi said...

Oh my gosh, Marcy! That picture should be on their website! Thanks for reminding me once again why we are BFF's!!!