Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wry Baby Tackles Towels

You moms out there will surely agree that some of the funniest baby shower gifts you received came courtesy of Wry Baby. I mean who among you hasn't gotten a good chuckle over their oh-so-clever onesies? Kind of a refreshing departure from all the duckies and giraffes, wouldn't you say? And you gotta love their slogan- "Raise Funny People."

Most recently, Cost Plus World Market asked the comedians over at Wry Baby to come up with some hooded towel sets to be sold exclusively at Cost Plus. And boy did they deliver.

Pirates served as their first source of inspiration. The washcloths feature sayings such as “Nobody Likes A Smelly Pirate!” and “Live Clean! Fight Dirty!" Hilarious!

Princesses came next, with equally zany washcloth sayings such as "Princesses Don't Do Showers." And the princess hooded towel and washcloth set even comes with a cute fairy tale about a little princess who was cursed by a dragon to be super stinky but was eventually rescued by a king and his bar of soap.

So if you know someone in that most delicate of conditions and want to shower her with a unique gift (and get the biggest laugh at the baby shower), I say head over to Cost Plus for one of these towel sets. Who knows, they may even become collector's items some day. Or get one for your own pirate or princess. (My mother-in-law already beat me to it!) Lord knows we moms could all use a little bathtime levity every now and then.

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