Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fringe Benefits

When I made the decision to cut bangs late last year, I had no idea they would come with such great perks. For starters, I can pop into the salon any time for free bang trims in between cuts. Which really helps clean up the look when you're looking at a haircut only once every three to four months, if you're lucky. But wait, there's more. My awesome stylist trims Snook's bangs for free as well! This is huge because a bang trim for Snook used to run me about sixty bucks a pop. What?! That's outrageous!!! Well, in truth the bang trim itself only cost five bucks. But, and talk about this for a brilliant business model, her haircut place is located in the back of a toy store, which is located next door to a darling children's boutique. You try getting out of there for less. Not happening. Yes, I am quite relieved to finally be getting more bang for my buck.

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