Saturday, June 27, 2009

Starbucks For Kids

It's a familiar scenario. I'm out and about with the kids, it's getting towards lunchtime, I need to find food quickly, but I don't want to haul the kids out of the car or feed them junk either. Enter the drive-through Starbucks. Why there isn't a line of minivans a mile long at that place I'll never understand because it is the answer to all of my mommy prayers. What other drive-through offers bananas, cheese and crackers, grapes and apple slices that don't come with caramel sauce, fresh turkey sandwiches, hard-boiled eggs and whole wheat bagels, yogurt and granola parfaits? Plus I get my caffeine fix. While I used to bemoan the proliferation of this chain, now I'm wishing there was a drive-through version on every corner. Here are S 'n' B having a Starbucks picnic in the back of our minivan on one recent gloomy day at the park. Seriously, if they started introducing Playlands at Starbucks, we'd be there all day. Probably would scare away their target customer base, but hasn't that happened already???

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Karen said...

You are soooo on to something, there, with the play area at Starbuck's!
Such cute kiddos!
Thanks for stopping my blog and commenting. I'll be back to visit.