Monday, June 29, 2009

Teeter Totter

I was off high heels for a long time. The reasons were endless-- pregnancy, home with babies, knee trouble, back pain, bunions, I already got a man, you name it. But lately I've gotten back into them, especially the platform variety which are really quite comfortable. Except today I sported these, which had me teetering all over the place. So I checked the specs. Turns out these babies are stacked. The heel is 4 3/4 inches high, and the platform only reduces the height to 3 1/2 inches. 3 1/2-inch heels! Not exactly body-friendly. But I love them, and they are super cute, especially with that gold notch on the back. And a good pedicure. Plus some part of me is bound and determined to pull off heels. I just hope I don't die trying.

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Joslyn said...

these are gorgeous!!!