Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen

Three months of ballet lessons culminated last Sunday afternoon with Snook's first ballet recital. But first I had to put into practice the lessons I'd been taught the previous week at a ballet bun workshop. I kid you not. They taught us everything from the exact width of the rubber band, to the specific brand/color of the hairnet, to the novel technique of splitting the pony tail into thirds before winding each section into a bun to avoid the "doorknob" effect. At the time I was thinking how nutty to have a bun workshop for three-year-old ballerinas. But on Sunday morning, I must say I knew exactly what to do with Snook's hair, and she looked lovely, right down to the slicked-back bangs. A requirement! Views from the back, top and side. Let me tell you, that bun was going nowhere.A shot in the backyard before it was time go.

And finally, the main event. Did you catch the plie? The port de bras? Just breathtaking! I was so proud of my little ballerina/cupcake face.

Now, lest you think Snook only dances, oh no, this girl is a double threat. As can be seen in this, my first blog video. Enjoy!


The City Sage said...

Oh my goodness---I had forgotten how impossibly cute little girls in tutus can be. How adorable!!!

Krista said...

i can't wait!!!!!!!