Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Friends of Friends

Have I told you about my girlfriend, Tina? We met the first day of the first year of college and never looked back. I could say the same thing about a few other girls. (Hi Heather, Alia, Aylin, Amy and Kelly!!!) We were all so close back then that I often couldn't tell where they ended and I began. But whereas I constantly miss the other girls with a pit in my stomach as big as a barge, Tina and I are beyond lucky in that we live in the same city, and can see each other any time we want. We're also incredibly fortunate in that we both have big girls . . . . . . and little boys . . . . . . who became fast friends just like their mommies. Like they had a choice. Shown here last Friday at the newly reopened circus, I mean restaurant, that is Corvette Diner. (Very green that place by the way. No paper towels in the bathroom, no paper menus for the kids to draw on, and no paper tickets spitting out of the games in the arcade. The 1950s meets 2009, I guess . . .)


Anonymous said...

A perfect pairing! My best friend and I used to day dream about strategically timing our children's births so that they could all be friends---it's picture perfect!

mccabe_tina said...

We are truly blessed to have such amazing kids and such a wonderful friendship! Do you know that we've almost known each other as long as we haven't known each other at this point?! Wild...Thanks for a fun playdate, as usual! Looking forward to many years of many more!