Monday, August 24, 2009

One-Track Mind

Look for our family most Friday nights and you'll probably find us at the Balboa Park Railroad. Because our boy is currently obsessed with all things train. The first words out of his mouth in the morning? Choo choo! He even does that pumping motion with his right arm. If his birthday were tomorrow, no doubt you'd be coming to a train party. And I swear he can sniff out one of those Thomas train tables like a pig can sniff out truffles. You get the idea. Here's the H with S 'n' B on our favorite iron horse just this past Friday evening.Bubs sounds so cute when he tries to say, "All aboard!" And he looks so cute walking around the house with a train car and one of those interlocking wooden track pieces, hoping so badly that someone will take him up on his offer to play trains. This is one of those phases that I hope will last and last.


Gil said...

these photos crack me up because maia insists on sitting next to the giraffe and it looks like snook and bubs do too! (p.s. it's krista - on G's computer)

Marcy said...

Yes, we are familiar with that train too! I guess we just missed each other Friday night at the zoo!