Monday, August 24, 2009

Mutton Honey

I didn't eat much lamb growing up because, simply put, my mom is not a fan. But as an adult I've really taken to this beef alternative, and I particularly loved the way the H prepared it last Monday night. These are wine-marinated lamb chops with fennel salad.
And they were divine. Our poor dog was beside himself the whole time. Speaking of Monday-night dinner . . . In my past life there wasn't too much to celebrate about Mondays. But these days the H and I are finding Mondays to be almost a welcome relief after the here-there-everywhere chaos of the weekend. Yes, coming together for a quiet, grown-up dinner on Monday nights is a ritual that we've really come to look forward to. And one that I will look forward to taking up again some time next February. After a certain sports season is over. Just thought of that. Yeah. Bummer.

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Marcy said...

Baa-Baa! Looks good, but I still have yet to try lamb.