Friday, January 9, 2009

Sweet Somethings (No. 1)

Thought I'd start another ongoing series on this blog called "Sweet Somethings." It will mostly feature cute/eyebrow-raising/hilarious quotes that come out of Snook's almost-3-year-old mouth. Bubs may chime in sooner or later, but he's still just making funny noises these days, which are kind of hard to transcribe.

This inaugural installment was inspired by the following exchange that took place between Snook and me in the car yesterday:

S: (from the back seat) Mommy?
M: (driving) Yes.
S: I love [Bubs] more than apples.
M: Oh honey. That's so sweet. I think I'm going to cry.
S: Don't crash, Mommy.
M: I won't.
S: Mommy?
M: Yes.
S: I love him more than cake.

Now that's saying something.


David Cuthbert said...

Heh... it seems that the question of the day, however, is whether she loves him (and nine others) more than a Whopper.

jora said... sweet. I love this stage. Hope to see you on Sunday!

Heidi said...

David: I cannot believe that, but Whoppers are good. Hmmmm. BTW, what are you still doing reading this blog? :)

Jora: I do too! I'm planning to be there Sunday, hopefully no later than 6:30. Hope to see you there!

David Cuthbert said...

To find out what the kids are up to! And for the posts on the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Though I only read it for the articles, you know... ;-)

Marcy said...

Very cute! But what about the comment about her picking out "undies" for Ian? Thanks for the fun at Legoland the other day!

Emily said...

aw, that's the cutest thing ever. reminds me of 50 cent's lyrics 'i love you like a fat kid loves cake.'