Monday, January 12, 2009

Sweet Somethings (No. 2)

My friend, Marcy, brought up a good point in her comment to my first post in this series. There was an eyebrow-raising Snookism last week that deserves mention here. But first, by way of background, Marcy's and my friendship goes back to early high school. Now we're lucky enough to still live in the same town and to have firstborns who are nine months apart and secondborns who are only two weeks apart. We also have very similar part-time work schedules. Needless to say, Marcy and I are in playdate heaven.

So last week, I was getting myself and the kids ready to go meet Marcy and her boys for one of our many Legoland playdates. Here's what transpired between me and my girl:

M: Time to get dressed.
S: First, I need my panties.
M: OK, go ahead and pick out a pair.
S: Hmmm, I think Ian likes these ones.
M: (hand to mouth, face contorting, trying not to laugh) Oh, he does, does he?
S: (not missing my reaction or the chance to ham it up) No, I think he likes these.
M: (seeing that this could go on forever) OK, just pick out a pair because Ian is waiting for us.
S: (yelling in the direction of her bedroom window) Hold on Ian! We're coming! I just need to put on my panties!

Am I in trouble or what?


a pretty pill said...

that is hilarious! i think you might be in for it. too cute.

Marcy said...

That's a priceless one!