Sunday, January 4, 2009

Opposites Attract

Yes, compatibility is key to any good relationship. But there is also a great deal of wisdom behind that old adage "opposites attract," as I was reminded again last Friday night when #1 and I went to Anthology to celebrate the New Year (two nights after New Year's Eve proper because we are slightly fogeyish).

Onstage that particular night was Gene Perry's Noche de Rhumba Salsa Jazz Orchestra. To say I was in Latin jazz heaven is the understatement of the year (probably an overstatement since the year just started, but you get where I'm heading). I literally could have been on that dance floor from the first wail of the saxophone to the last beat of the drum. I LOVE that music, and I LOVE the intergenerational vibe that Latin music always seems to inspire. Where else, except maybe a wedding, do you see octogenarians shaking their moneymakers right next to the twenty-somethings? It's a beautiful thing that I first witnessed as a 20-year-old in Barcelona at the bars along Puerto Olimpico and never forgot.

Was #1 feeling it? Not. So. Much. He did take me for one spin on the dance floor, after much poking and prodding, but I told him that was like me taking him to a bacon bar and letting him have only one strip. Oh well, it's not like "salsa-dancer" was on my list of "must-have qualities for a mate." And we still had a great time, and a good laugh about this area where our interests diverge so dramatically. We also both like Paula Abdul, so there's that.

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Krista said...

I will let you borrow my husband next time you need a salsa partner - it is his specialty! You would very much enjoy his families parties - they are salsa bonanzas.