Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sweet Somethings (No. 3)

Snook has been trying really hard to teach Bubs how to talk lately. Last night's lesson went something like this:

S: (reading Beauty and the Beast for the umpteenth time) Look [Bubs]! It's Belle. Can you say Belle? Belle? Belle?
B: Do Do
S: Nooo, her name's not Do Do. It's Belle. Belle. Belle.
B: Doo Doo
S: Nooo, she's not Doo Doo. She's Belle. Belle. Belle.
B: Da Da
S: Good [Bubs]! That's Dada over there. But this is Belle. Belle. Belle.

He never did say "Belle." But with more concentrated, one-on-one tutorials like these, I gotta think that's going to be his next word. Either that or "wicked stepmother."

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